At TBG we are all riders and racers so we understand both the timer and racer perspectives and that is what drives us to work harder at ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
Not only does TBG provide quality timing and results for your race, but along with our partners at Quick n’ Dirty MTB Racing we can help bring your event to life. From the planning phase all the way through event execution, we will be there for you.


TBG uses RaceTec as our timing and results engine. RaceTec is used around the world for multiple event disciplines. RaceTec never fails to provide up-to-date software to keep TBG current and relevant in the race timing industry. TBG uses UHF RFID technology to accompany the RaceTec software to achieve the best detection results possible. Using this technology we have successfully timed small running races to large high speed road bike races with over 2000 riders. To help keep the cost down we use disposable RFID transponders (chips),


TBG prides itself on producing timely and accurate results. We will work with the race director to provide results most suited to the event. We have multiple large screen monitors that can display hundreds of riders per monitor, as well as dedicated announcer stations via wireless tablets. If the venue location has adequate cell signal, or access to an internet connection, we can provide real-time results to our website. These results can be accessed anywhere in the world and on mobile devices. If you want that old school feel we can also provide printed results updated throughout the duration of the event. Post race results will always be available on our website, and at the request of the race director can be provided in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats. Click the link to view our hosted online results > CLICK HERE



TBG has experience with several online registration sites as well as direct integration with RunSignUp (BikeSignUp), ACTIVE, Race Entry, and Race Roster. We can also manually upload participant data from an Excel spreadsheet if you choose obtain participant information from another registration source. If you would like us to handle any part of your event’s online registration please let us know.


If your event calls for a pre-race pack pick-up event, TBG can organize and streamline that process. We have efficiently handled pack pick-up for events with thousands of attendees. From attendee check-in, to distribution of event swag and merchandise, we can do it all.


Just like pack pick-up, TBG can provide day-of onsite registration. This will include attendee check-in, registration of new attendees, and changes/updates to existing attendee information. TBG can provide the staff necessary to complete the task , or to keep costs down we can train and work with event volunteers provided by the event director.



Our timing system uses overhead antennas for racer detection. If you do not have a finish line truss we can provide one at no additional cost. The truss is scalable and can be configured for 12, 17, or, 23 feet in length. The height of the truss is approximately 10.5 feet. The truss can also accommodate a banner as shown in the center photo above.


Using 4G LTE we can provide remote timing boxes on the course that can provide split data to the main timing box for real time split calculations for all participants. The split information can also be uploaded in real time to the results website for  online spectator viewing.


If your venue is lacking sound we can help with that. We have enough quality sound reinforcement to accommodate an announcer, and/or a 5 piece band. Full range speakers/monitors, subwoofers, mixers, wireless mics, wired mics, DI boxes, stands, cables, etc. If we don’t have it, we can get it. This service is an additional fee and will be priced according to your needs.


We understand how important it is to keep the venue moving! So, we can provide a commentator suite that provides your announcer with real-time finish line data customized to what they want, as well other race data easily accessible on a wireless tablet.


Using the RaceTec Toolkit app on any mobile device we can give the Race Director, or any event staff, complete access to any rider data wherever they have cell signal. The app also works offline once the initial sync is done. We have used this for medical information, emergency contact information, T-shirt sizes, special notes, manual check-in, etc. We can customize the data points to whatever your event staff may need access to.


Need help with marketing materials both in print and online? We can help you with that too. Stickers, flyers, posters, digital images for social media…we do it all. From design to delivery we are there for you.


Event banners can make your venue and finish line pop. We work with several large scale print companies and can help bring your venue to life. We also provide graphic design services for an additional fee.


Course tape, signage, flags, arrows, stakes…etc. If you need it on your course we can help you get it.


If you need bibs or number plates for your event we work with many suppliers. From tyvek bibs to 10mil plastic plates we can find what best suites your event. If you have a design idea but just can’t get it where you want it, we also provide graphic design services for an additional fee.


Do you want to put on an event and don’t know quite where to start? We can help facilitate all aspects of bringing your event to life. As stated on our about page, TBG started as the in-house timing solution for Quick n’ Dirty MTB races and is still it today, almost 10 years later. In that 10 years Quick n’ Dirty and TBG, along with our friends at Isbell Productions, have worked together on many events both large and small. As a team we cover every aspect of an event. Permitting, course layout, venue logistics, course logistics, personnel, etc. If you have any questions please feel free to send us a message, we’d like to hear from you.


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